Weekly Devotional: On the Island of Earth, We’re All Children of God

Watch the Video after you read this devotional. It’s a strong message we all need to hear.

Rev. Dr. Jo Hudson

The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it.                                                                                                13-earth-from-space-artwork-detlev-van-ravenswaayPsalm 24.1

Let me point out the obvious. No doubt we are living in a time in which violence around our globe is escalating. In addition, it seems that our political and religious leaders are determined to stand on opposite sides of any issue simply to “win” the day. They see no value in learning to listen to each other or finding other ways, other solutions, or as some suggest, “a third way” that recognizes and honors the positions of each.


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New Blog Home

I am moving my blog to my website.

You can access it here or by visiting http://cmoye.net/blog.

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Book Covers/Titles

Advice from David Morgan: Your book cover should look professional and should attract readers to your book. Yes, people still do judge a book by its cover. If you don’t have the skills to do it yourself, hire an art student. You will get it done cheaply and will help advance both their career and yours.

Links to articles on book covers/titles:

1. The Atlantic magazine article: “Has Kindle Killed the Book Cover?” by Betsy Morais (April 16, 2012)

2. Jonathan Gunson’s Bestseller Labs blog on book covers: “The ‘Billboard’ That can Make or Break Your Book’s Success,”  by Jonathan Gunson (August 2012).

3. Sarach Baughman’s Write it Sideways Blog: “What’s in a Name? Writing the Right Title” (A clever and helpful piece about choosing an evocative title).

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The next few posts will feature links that were provided by David H. Morgan at the April 20, 2013 meeting of the Richmond Chapter, VA Writer’s Club:

1. CNET article: “Self publishing a book: 25 things you need to know” by David Carnoy, June 13, 2012 http://reviews.cnet.com/self-publishing/#!

There is a companion article for creating e-books: http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-18438_7-20010547-82/how-to-self-publish-an-ebook/

2. New York Times April 16, 2013 article: “New Publisher Authors Trust: Themselves”


3. Salon article “My Amazon Bestseller Made me Nothing,” by Patrick Wensink (March 15, 2013) http://www.salon.com/2013/03/15/hey_amazon_wheres_my_money/ (Read carefully, there is more to this than the title would indicate).

4. CBS News (December 9, 2012): “Authors exercise their “write” to self-publish”


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Market your book yourself

You need to see yourself as a self-employed business person whether you self-publish or go through a traditional publisher. The publishing industry is terrible about marketing books and always has been. Publishers/Editors don’t know why books don’t do well.

Push with the same attitude whether using a publisher or self publishing.

Publishers expect you to come in with a platform: email list, Facebook fans, etc.,

Don’t expect much editing help from a publisher.

Advice from David Morgan. Richmond Writer’s Group. April 20, 2013


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Hang your bookcover on your wall

Make a cover for your book. Doesn’t have to be perfect. Hang it in your workspace to inspire you as you write.

(advice from David Morgan-4-20-13)


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My First Writer’s Club Meeting

In my new life as a retired person, I have found myself compelled to write. As I have sought ways to develop my writing skills, I have sought the advice of a few seasoned writers. One recommendation I heard and read several places was to join a local writer’s group.

Today I went to a meeting of the Richmond Writer’s Club. I’m so very glad that I did. The speaker, David H. Morgan was excellent.

I learned a lot. I wasn’t the only newbie. More than half of the people in the room were there for the first time. I will spend the next few days sharing what I learned.

The biggest idea today was that there are three questions a writer must answer, preferably before they begin writing their book, but definitely before they submit a query letter to an agent, or write the blurb for their book: Not being able to do so often leads to rejection.

  1. Why this book?
  2. Why now?
  3. Why by this author (what makes YOU the one to write this?)

Speaker bio from Richmond Writer’s website:

“A 40-year veteran of the publishing industry, David has worked as a Senior Fiction Editor for a New York-based literary agent, a free-lance acquisitions editor/editorial consultant (i.e., “book doctor”) developing writers and manuscripts for top literary agents, a literary agent, a publishers’ sales rep (Doubleday, Farrar Strauss and Giroux, Rizzoli, City Lights, Garden Way, Rodale Press, among others), a book buyer in retail book stores, and the Director of Promotion and Marketing and editorial consultant for a regional press.”

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